Thursday, November 19, 2009

Proven Tips, Tools and Tactics To Drive Traffic To Your Website(Part 1)

Drive your site to nuts with unexpected traffic. Traffic means life line to a website without traffic the website no where to go. Same as of line business too, you needs customer to success in your business.
If you reading this article now its mean you understand the fundamental game of online business. Many failed at this stage, they may have great website and wonderful product but could not make money. So lets join me to explore how to drive traffic to your site and grasp your online money making skills.
To cut it short lets dive in……

1. Article Writing
Article writing is arts of promoting your website for free. Your article should be sharp to the points with simple language could be. Most important your article should be helpful to the targeted market. It’s a free advertising to boost your page ranking and sales profit. Your article will drive more traffic to your site when you submit to website, blog and ezines.

2. Content Syndication
Normally what you do with your article? Submit to article directories. But content syndication works like this, instead present your article to article directories you submit to High Profile Blogs or website within your market.
For a example :,,,

3. Submit your blog to Content Aggregator
Submitting to content aggregator your blog should publish valueable content. It is an excellent way to promote your site. Below are a few best Content Aggregator:

4. Trackback
Trackback is link back, it is a method for web authors to request notification when somebody links to one of their document. This enable authors to keep track of who is linking. Track backs are an excellent way to of letting blogger know that you have linked to them. Trackback also displaying in the comment area so your
link will show up at the blog comment which can lead to lots of traffic
Trackback resource:

5. Guest Blogging
Guest blogging also best way to expose your content to a complete new prospect. Whenever you post your article or comment your signature link at bottom will create new traffic to your site. Below are Guest blog resource:

6. Blog Commenting
Blog commenting is an excellent way to build good relationship with other blogger, indirectly its will brings you more traffic when your comment attract other visitor so comment should contractive, valueable with solution. Its will create of chances guest blogging, backlinks and interviews to your site. Can you visualize the opportunity? Try your self!

Ok I stop here today, information over load will drive u nuts…rather than traffic hahaha. See you soon with Part 2 of this……
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

7 Free or Cheap Ways to Effectively Promote Your Business Online

7 Free or Cheap Ways to Effectively Promote Your Business Online

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